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Take a chance. Maybe we can use your service?

Do you want to trade your service for a website?

We love to barter.

Maybe you do hair, or make yummy food. Maybe you run a garden service or have an events venue. If you have something you want to offer in stead of cash, send us a message and if it's something we can use we're sure to strike a deal. The only thing we ask is that you don't hold it against us if we're not interested... sometimes the Llama just want to walk through the mall with moolah.


Not really. Maybe your service is more expensive than the website, then we'll be happy with some discount or vice versa.

Unfortunately not, there are some services that we do not need at this point in time. We would still like you to try though.

No, sometimes we want it a bit later. For example, maybe you offer us a free meal, but we'll only cash in for our year end function. We will however do your site according to your time schedule and provide the same service as for a paid site.

No, we are open to any offer. We have Lady Llama's and Baby Llama's that might gain from your product or service.

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